Friday, April 10, 2009

Nature of Love

The breeze kissing my cheeks,
the sand cuddling my toes,
In rhythmic embrace with
the diamond ocean.
The sun and the sky
caressing the seas
Over the endless horizon.
Everything in harmony
Infinite and eternal...
We are born in a world of love.

Lost Slippers

Nothing in this world
Is as lonely as a lost slipper,
Who like two lovers
were once inseparable.
But cruel fate conspired
with angry waves
washed one away
And tore it apart from the other.
Lost halves
like doomed lovers
One half of a pair
dangling morosely
struggling to live on
It only has purpose in the other.
Once forever entwined,
now forever broken.
The one slipper journeying alone
Riding the waves in the infinite seas
Will it ever find the other?
They will have to wait
for only eternity holds the answer.