Saturday, March 5, 2011

We make life complicated.

Life is not really a matter of choice, it’s simply a battle of incentives. With a proper big-picture comprehensive mindset, the cost-benefit analysis is the ideal tool to make enlightened choices about anything. So life should have been that simple right? But… determining the costs and the benefits, those things are relative, subject to subjectivity. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure right? That’s where individual biases and perspectives come into play. That’s where we are led to believe that there is the illuision of choice. That’s what makes humanity so diverse… and interesting.

In need of a Dictator

My few months in China have brought me the realization that government is STILL the most powerful force in instituting change. It’s the platform where everything (education, infrastructure, employment, even enterprise) rides on. A healthy government is not just crucial, it is indispensable in its role as a force of development in a country. In line with this, I think that political will in the Philippines is too weak. There is no incentive to change the status quo precisely because those in power are enjoying the comforts of elite life at the expense of the masses. We need a dictator, no doubt about that. Just like China has always been run by dictators. Just as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and South Korea thrived under dictators. The biggest question though, is who, who has the political strength, intellectual capability, and public empathy to be the dictator of the Philippines?