Saturday, March 5, 2011

In need of a Dictator

My few months in China have brought me the realization that government is STILL the most powerful force in instituting change. It’s the platform where everything (education, infrastructure, employment, even enterprise) rides on. A healthy government is not just crucial, it is indispensable in its role as a force of development in a country. In line with this, I think that political will in the Philippines is too weak. There is no incentive to change the status quo precisely because those in power are enjoying the comforts of elite life at the expense of the masses. We need a dictator, no doubt about that. Just like China has always been run by dictators. Just as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and South Korea thrived under dictators. The biggest question though, is who, who has the political strength, intellectual capability, and public empathy to be the dictator of the Philippines?


Fernandes H. said...


这种的政府,”专政,“ 就不行啊。正确,你的国家需要一位好领导人,但有位独夫 = 国家就有大的事


Why, when the power of the Soviet Union was considered such a threat, were greater efforts not made to overthrow China's communist rule?

是个conspiracy啊! 哈哈 ~

Scott said...

Haha well we've been following the American democratic model for years and it doesn't seem to work. I think it only works in the West. Asians need dictatorships to lead them out of the chaos. Once they're out, that's only when you can institute proper democracy.