Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Good days are the fuel that power us to fight through the stress of bad days..

Bad days are the stinging slaps that wake us up from the complacency of good days.

Life is a balancing act.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Swirling Mass of Colors

Things have been a swirling mass of colors lately.

Yes, a swirling mass of colors in all the world, and in the worlds inside me.

These sentiments should command at least five entries; but I'm just too lazy and I want things integrated and all-in-one. Much of my excitement is of course, tied to the recent happenings on the world stage. Spain has won its first World Cup with that glorious Iniesta goal (I did not regret staying up til 5 am for this one though I had work the following day).. LeBron James just made the blockbuster decision of tarnishing his legend forever.. This summer of mildly interesting trades and free agent signings in the NBA has just made me love my all-time favorite team San Antonio Spurs all the more. On the local front, Ateneo looks to have a fun breakout season even with its loss to FEU. Totally unrelated to sports now and moving to movies (how random), I'm absolutely excited with Inception, Nolan's new mind-bending blockbuster on a literal dream heist. Meanwhile on the political front, I have to say that President Noynoy seems to be having a great first two weeks so far. The optimism is palpable, and everyone seems to have that collective feeling that change is imminent.

Change is imminent.. this seems to be a fitting segue to the happenings of my personal life right now. I am slowly but surely approaching a point of no return. It's the ultimate paradox of human nature that we feel like backing out right when we are actually face to face with that thing we've aspired for so long. Now, the letters have finally arrived from Fudan and Tsinghua, and I will have to make the Decision soon.

And what a time to make a major life decision. I've never enjoyed this much contentment in my life. A swirling mass of jolly colors indeed. I just happily graduated from college, almost immediately found a comfortable and rewarding job at a prestigious multinational company, and now gel with my officemates as though we're family. In such a short span of time, napamahal na ako sa kanila. Speaking of pagmamahal, I'm so happily in love with Kim, who's just the most wonderful girl I've ever met. We share our Saturdays together, along with the occasional surprise visits and the Max eat-all-you-cans. Everyday, I go home to a warm, cheerful, loving family, exchanging stories and advice with my parents and brothers. During my free time, I continue to dabble in the mind-enriching things I love to do so much. Recently I've been following some incredibly inspiring Ivy League lectures on, already completing courses in Philosophy and Psychology (Just goes to show how much I miss Ateneo haha) and now starting with Financial Markets. I've already compiled the books I plan to read on my bedside; and I've just recently resurrected this blog. To put it succinctly, I'm living the ideal life of comfort, and it's wonderful.

And I will have to leave all of these behind.

I've waited for so long to have a chance to chase my dreams. Comfort or fulfillment? The decision is difficult but obvious. I have to take the leap.

It's time to transform that swirling mass of colors into vivid reality.