Monday, May 28, 2007

What a summer...

This summer, as with almost every summer in my life, I bummed out. My plans for the summer didn't go so well, or did they even ever take off? I would have liked to work on a summer job this summer, to get exposed to the real world that I would be facing soon. I also planned to master driving, learn some new software, read at least three novels, craft a few short stories, write several essays, practice my voice, refine my drawings, take advanced lessons in math and accounting, arrange my things, set up Wi-fi for our house, reformat our sluggish computer, and master my inside offense in basketball. So many plans for the summer that in the end, still stayed as plans. And instead what did I do? I subjected myself to guilty pleasures that is now making me feel... what else, guilty. Guilty that I had thrown away a three month chunk of time I could've spent doing more productive things, the things I would need just three years from now like better social and communication skills, beefed-up computer skills, knowledge in Chinese, and basic survival skills. Well, I regret to say that all I did the past few months was to stare at the wall and ponder a lot, play a little ps2, read a few articles and chapters of random stuff, surf the web a lot, have my usual dosage of basketball and NBA, and indulge myself in the electronic opium that is the television series. Oh yes, and I also took ITM classes in the afternoons., a 12,000+ peso course that I failed to maximize, even if it was my only class for the summer. On a much more positive note, let me go back to my addiction to TV series. I've watched some of the best shows this summer - the new megahit Heroes, the cool anime Bleach, and the ever-so-addictive Prison Break.

More on those (reviews and opinions on Heroes, Bleach and Prison Break) in future posts.

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