Monday, July 23, 2007

Momentary Freedom

Yey!! No classes in Stat and Accounting tomorrow! I can spend the night reading Deathly Hallows instead of solving accounting! haha!

My daily activities have felt like a blurry and distant dream ever since I started reading the book. The happenings in the book are all I've been thinking about these days, whether I'm eating, studying, and even sleeping, haha! Harry Potter books have a spellbinding way of disconnecting us readers from the mundane routine of life, and engrossing us in a substituted yet sweeter reality - the vivid characters, the gripping tale, and the magical atmosphere.

J.K. Rowling has this unmatched gift of making fantasy stand out so much that even reality has to step aside, where characters and occurrences come alive so vividly that they seem truer than our existence, where even our daily lives that can be experienced by five senses can be overpowered by the austere but matchless allure of words.

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