Saturday, July 14, 2007

Relishing my Escape from Reality

I have a mighty lot of things to do this weekend - Accounting and Stat homework, LS paper, Filipino paper, Psych Long Test etc, so what do I do to address these piling concerns? Watch movies of course! Haha! Last Friday, I went to Eastwood with some blockmates (Chris, Alexis, Mike, Drew, Edi, and Jackie) to watch the highly-anticipated Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix. Thanks to the suffocating traffic jam in Edsa, I was forty minutes late for the movie. Great. The moment I entered the movie house though, the magic of Harry Potter swept me away to Hogwarts. From the torments of Umbridge to the DA meetings and the battle sequence near the end, the movie is spellbinding all throughout.

Order od the Phoenix is probably the best HP movie released so far... although the book (as will always be) is much better than the movie. Some minor complaints: I wished Harry (or the casting crew) had better taste. I know so many girls here who are way prettier than that Cho Chang, haha! Also, the fight scenes at the end were a bit of a letdown. The showdown between He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and Dumbledore was really bitin. The eventful clash of the Order of the Phoenix and the Death Eaters at the Department of Mysteries turned out to be puffs of black smoke and white smoke going at each other. Oh well, minor gripes. I really had a great time with this movie. Better still, it further heightened my anticipation for Book 7!

Last night I watched Transformers with my family at Mall of Asia. Yes, finally. After listening to everyone rave about this movie, I finally get to watch it. I entered the cinema bearing in mind a friend's comment on this movie, that not watching Transformers is tantamount to missing half of your life. As the movie went on, well, the movie totally overwhelmed even my atmospheric expectations. Yes, watch Transformers if you care about living your life to the fullest. It is a pleasant and exhilarating melting pot of different genres: trickles of romance and doses of comedy sprinkled with a bit of sci-fi and suspense and an incredible amount of adrenaline-draining action. This film squeezes in so many unrelated elements - military operations, a teenager's coming-of-age, an Arctic expedition, government secrets, and an alien war - yet the movie feels so coherent and seamless. Every second of this movie is breathtaking. The action sequences of this movie are mind-blowing. The visual effects are beyond words to describe. This movie will be the benchmark in the special effects department for years to come. No movie has even come close to its visual wizardry.

As the movie ended, I was left stunned, at a loss for words, and trembling in my seat. I had my senses overloaded, my brain shaken to the core, and my face engraved with a hearty smile. The movie had such a tremendous effect on me because it was made for me; Transformers had everything I ever wanted in a movie. I went into the cinema with a tentative thought about whether this could be he best movie of the year, I went out with an absolute conviction that I had just witnessed the greatest movie experience of my life.

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