Monday, July 9, 2007

The Perks and Perils of H

So many people ask me, what made you decide to shift to Management-Honors? Whenever I see them, my old blockmates look at me like I'm some sort of changed man and suddenly full of intellect and wisdom. My friends treat me with instant admiration just because I am in Management-Honors now. Everyone feels that I've somehow transcended mortality and normality just because I shifted. Sad to say, but all these feelings are misplaced and unaccounted for. I shifted in to Mgt-H simply because I wanted to instill discipline and develop a higher standard of excellence for myself. Also, it's because Mgt-H was my first choice in the ACET application form. Yes, getting in is relatively easy, but staying in Mgt-H ( as I realized from our accounting long test) is humanly impossible. So, I just have to hope for the best and expect the worst; and make the most out of this golden opportunity to be a better me.

It has been a real challenging first month of the school year. I have not gone through this kind of pressure in a long time. Filipino is exhausting, statistics is hell, and accounting is insane. Lessons are more demanding than ever. Papers are due for every subject not taken T-Th 3:00-6:00 PM. Homework just could not stop piling up. And this is just the first month. How can I expect to survive and thrive in Management-Honors if I keep up with my mediocre old self?

Ironically, I have never enjoyed Ateneo life more than I did the past month. My teachers this semester are great! It's such an honor, if a bit intimidating, to have the likes of Ibarra, Rudy Ang, Coroza, and Tirol as my teachers. Strangely, I am enjoying the lessons too. (Yes, even accounting.) I feel that I've learned more in the past month than I did the past year, hehe. Possibly I just love to be under pressure, under the crushing demands expected of a Mgt-H student. Speaking of crushing demands, we just had our Accounting Long Test a few hours ago.

It was quite possibly the most challenging exam I've ever taken in my life.

Three hours of mind-numbing torture and exorbitant exertion of brainpower on my part just is not enough to vanquish the legendary Accounting Long Test for "etch" students. I'm not even sure if I passed it... I hope and pray that I did because if not, it would be goodbye to "etch". If it is, then my stay in Mgt-H would have lasted only one month. Oh please, one month is not enough to be in my dream course. In any case, I never ever regret my decision to shift. I am actually so happy with it. Beyond the great teachers and the interesting lessons, what completes my happiness is my new block. It's such a nice feeling to meet new people; more so if they're as interesting and warm and kind and friendly as the people in Block Q. Anyway, what matters the most in life are not the grades you get but the friendships you have made.
Haha, what a way to console myself.

Oh well, there's life after H...


Chacquie said...

Hi there! :D Hehe... dropping you a note! ;) I'm glad you don't regret shifting to our block! We like having you around! :D (nax! haha!)

Don't worry too much about accounting XD we'll face it as it comes ;) Hahaha! See you in Fil tomorrow! XD

haze said...

woohoo! i second jackie's motion. lol.
welcome to Q.
H may not last but Q will. :D
(and everybody says in an ib*rra-ish way: "ouoh! " :p )